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Virginia Choi

Michele loves metaphors. As for the metaphors that remind me of MG, I imagine a zippy race car or the twirling arm movements of a conductor. Her daily operational speed is so fast that I can retrace some of my memories of her through a trail of smoke clouds. Michele is an insatiable learner and loves to chase down a million new ideas. Her passion for her work is as infectious as her cheerfulness and optimism. Michele is also masterful at jump-starting any weary researcher out of their proverbial slump. I have so many good memories of excitedly chatting with her on an explosive number of different research ideas, and wanting to eke out an extra lifetime just to try them all. Throughout my PhD career, Michele has lent me both her passion and bravery. And when Michele believes in you, it is with such firm conviction and plain faith, it is difficult to not feel more fired up and emboldened. I am so excited to be a part of her next adventure.

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