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Read the editors' introduction by Michele, CY, and Ying-Yi and the Volume One Forward by Dr. Richard Shweder.


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CY, Ying-Yi, and I would like to announce the launching of a new Advances in Culture and Psychology Series that is being published by Oxford University Press. The series is modeled after the Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, and is publishing mature research programs across the discipline of culture and psychology, broadly defined. Below is the contents of Volume 1. We are also attaching a forward to the series by Richard Shweder and our introduction. The idea for this Advances series came up at a coffee break at our wonderful Hong Kong conference in December 2006! Please be in touch if you are interested in publishing your work in the series.


Best regards,

Michele, CY, and Ying-Yi

Volume 1 Table of Contents

Foreword - Richard Shweder

Introduction to the Series - Michele Gelfand, CY Chiu, and Ying-Yi Hong


Human Culture in Evolutionary Perspective - Michael Tomasello


Culture, Emotion, and Expression - David Matsumoto and Hyi-Sung Hwang


Infectious Disease and the Creation of Culture - Mark Schaller and Damian R. Murray


Attachment, Learning and Coping: The Interplay of Cultural Similarities and Differences - Fred Rothbaum, Gilda Morelli, and Natalie Rusk


Culturally Situated Linguistic Ecologies and Language Use: Cultural Tools at the Service of Representing and Shaping Situated Realities - Gün R Semin


Micro-Macro Dynamics of the Cultural Construction of Reality: A Niche Construction Approach to Culture -Toshio Yamagishi


Horizontal and Vertical Individualism and Collectivism: Implications for Understanding Psychological Processes - Sharon Shavitt, Carlos J. Torelli, and Hila Riemer

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Volume 2 Table of Contents

Culture, Categories, and Color: Do We See the World Through T(a)inted Lenses? - Debi Roberson


Culture, Brain, and Behavior - Nalini Ambady


Social Change and Human Development: An Autobiographical Journey - Patricia M. Greenfield


Culture and Personality - A. Timothy Church and Marcia S. Katigbak


Intelligence in its Cultural Context - Robert J. Sternberg


Culture Change: The Perspective of Dynamical Minimalism - Andrzej Nowak, Wouter de Raad, and Wojciech Borkowski

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Volume 3 Table of Contents

The Role of Language and Culture in Universality and Diversity of Human Concepts - Mutsumi Imai and Takahiko Masuda


Development: The Cultural Solution of Universal Developmental Tasks - Heidi Keller and Joscha Kärtner


From Chinese to Cross-Cultural Personality Inventory: A Combined Emic-Etic Approach to Study Personality in Culture - Fanny M. Cheung, Shu Fai Cheung, and Weiqiao Fan


Cultural Unity and Diversity in Compensatory Control Processes - Aaron C. Kay and Daniel Sullivan


Creating Cultures Between Arctics and Deserts - Evert Van de Vliert


Macro Cultural Psychology: Its Development, Concerns, Politics, and Future Direction - Carl Ratner

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Volume 4 Table of Contents

Cultural Neuroscience: Understanding Human Diversity - Joan Y. Chiao, Bobby K. Cheon, Narun Pornpattanangkul, Alissa J. Mrazek, Kate D. Blizinsky


Chapter 2 Economics, Sex, and the Emergence of Society - Douglas T. Kenrick & Luis Gomez-Jacinto


Entries into Meaning: Socialization via Narrative in the Early Years - Peggy Miller


Culture and Epistemologies: Putting Culture Back into the Ecosystem - Douglas Medin, Bethany Ojalehto, Ananda Marin, and Megan Bang


What Values Can (And Cannot) Tell Us About Individuals, Society, and Culture - Ronald Fischer


Sacred Values and Cultural Conflict - Jeremy Ginges & Scott Atran


Asian American Psychology: Individuals and Families in Global and Historical Contexts - Sumie Okazaki

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Volume 5 Table of Contents

Similarities of Chimpanzee and Human Culture - Christophe Boesch, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology


Culture and Neuroplasticity - Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan; Jiyoung Park, University of California-San Francisco; Yay-hyung Cho, University of Michigan


Morality, Development, and Culture - Melanie Killen, University of Maryland; Aline Hitti, Tulane University; Shelby Cooley, Univesity of Maryland; Laura Elenbaas, University of Maryland


The Psychology of Residential and Relational Mobilities - Shigehiro Oishi, University of Virginia; Joanna Schug, College of William and Mary; Masaki Yuki, Hokkaido University


Cultural Intelligence: Origins, Conceptualizations, Evolution, and Methodological Diversity - Soong Ang, Nanyang Technological University; Linn Van Dyne, Michigan State University; Thomas Rockstuhl, Nanyang Technological University


Methodological Aspects of Cross-Cultural Research - Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Tilberg University

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Volume 6 Table of Contents

A Bio-Cultural-Historical Approach to the Study of Development - Michael Cole, University of California, San Diego; Martin Packer, University of the Andes, Bogota


Culture, Self, and Brain: Sociocultural Influences on Neurocognitive Processes of the Self - Shihui Han, Peking University


Cultural Issues in Mental Health Treatment - Nolan Zane, University of California, Davis; Cindy Huang, University of California, Davis


The Social Psychology of Spanish/English Bilingualism in the United States - Aida Hurtado, University of California, Santa Cruz


Stereotype Content across Cultures: Variations on a Few Themes - Susan Fiske, University of Princeton; Frederica Durante, Universita di Milano-Bicocca


Insights for Culture and Psychology from the Study of Distributed Work Teams - Catherine Cramton, George Mason University

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Volume 7 Table of Contents

Modernization, Existential Security, and Cultural Change: Reshaping Human Motivations and Society - Ronald F. Inglehart


Metaphor, Cognition, Culture - Zoltán Kövecses


The Cultural-Developmental Approach to Moral Psychology: Autonomy, Community, and Divinity Across Cultures - Lene Arnett Jensen


Culture, Context, and the Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in the Study of Human Development - Thomas S. Weisner


From Local to Cross-Cultural to Global Work Motivation and Innovation - Mirian Erez


Explorations in Dynamics of Symbolic Meaning with Cultural Experiments      - Pawel Boski

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Volume 8 Table of Contents

vol 8 v2.jpg

Culture and Memory: A Constructive Approach - Brady Wagoner, Ignacio Brescó & Sarah H. Awad

What has Culture Got to Do With Emotions (A Lot) - Jozefien De Leersnyder, Batja Mesquita, and Michael Boiger

Tower of Babel? Literacy Development and Impairment Across Cultures
- Catherine McBride and Jianhong Mo

The Psychological Foundations of Ritual Learning - Rachel E. Watson-Jones, Nicole J. Wen, & Cristine H. Legare

On Dynamic Contexts and Shifting Diagnoses: Steps Towards a Cultural-Clinical Psychology - Andrew Ryder, Marina Doucerain, Biru Zhou, Jessica Dere, Tomas Jurcik, and Xiaolu Zhou

Bicultural Identity Integration (BII): Components, Psychosocial Antecedents, and Outcomes - Verónica Benet-Martínez, Fiona Lee, and Chi-Ying Cheng

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Volume 9 Table of Contents

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 12.37.12 PM.png

Cultural Influences on Memory: Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-up Perspectives - Angela Gutchess and Ashley N. Gilliam

Worldwide Changes in the Lives of Children and Youth: A Socioecological Approach - Uwe P. Gielen and Sunghun Kim

On the Causes and Consequences of Cross-Cultural Differences: An Economic Perspective - Nathan Nunn


The Pursuit of Honor: Novel Contexts, Varied Approaches, and New Developments - Susan E. Cross and Ayse K. Uskul

Culture and Negotiation Strategy - Jeanne M Brett

Foresight, Punishment, and Cooperation - Sergey Gavrilets

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Volume 10 Table of Contents


How Does Culture Evolve? - Liane Gabora

Investigating Culture and Emotion: From Responses to Ideals - Jeanne L. Tsai

Culture, Cognition, and Ritual - Dimitris Xygalatas

he Cultural Nature of Helping Without Being Asked, from the Toddler Years into Middle Childhood - Barbara Rogoff and Andrew D. Coppens

Individualism-Collectivism and Group Creativity: A Synergy Perspective - Hoon-Seok Choi

Criteria and Methods for Assessing Cultural Universality of Cognitive Representations Underlying Complex Psychological Constructs - Yiu-Fai Yung, Erica G. Hepper, Tim Wildschut and Constantine Sedikides

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