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Fareed's Take: Society's role in Covid's spread

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria examines cultural psychologist Michele Gelfand’s argument that key distinctions among countries are whether they are “tight” or “loose” cultures and compares it to how world leaders handled the pandemic.

How cultural differences have affected Covid-19 outcomes

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt across the globe, however different nations have taken different strategies and gotten very different outcomes. New research suggests key cultural differences may have played a big part in how different parts of the world have recovered from the virus. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke with Michele Gelfand, a Cultural Psychologist at the University of Maryland, College Park, about her research.

The psychology of Covid-19 stubbornness: why some American’s refuse to follow the rules

The CDC has issued a warning asking American’s not to travel this Thanksgiving as coronavirus cases surge across the nation. Despite warnings, mask mandates and other guidelines many still refuse to follow the rules. So what’s behind this psychology of stubbornness? Joshua Johnson spoke with cultural psychologist Michele Gelfand to find out.

SIETAR USA Webinar - Tight versus Loose: A Key to Unlocking Our Cultural Divides

Watch Dr. Gelfand's webinar on tightness-looseness for SIETAR USA

Dr. Gelfand on AM Northwest

Watch Dr. Gelfand discuss "Rule Makers, Rule Breakers" on Portland's AM Northwest

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