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Note to Future PhD Applicants


I will be taking on new students in the Fall of 2019. If you are interested in applying, please visit the Social Decision and Organizational Science Page here, to get a feel of our program. My current research areas are documented in my recent publications, but we have ongoing projects on cultural tightness-looseness, punishment and revenge, organizational conflict cultures, race and negotiation, culture and self control, expatriation, and forgiveness. I am a generalist and other topics are always welcome, especially if your own interests overlap with mine. I will be selecting applicants using GPA, GRE scores, research experience, intrinsic interest and passion for science, and letters of recommendation.


If you decide to apply, please list specifically in your application (a) a few specific research questions you are interested in pursuing, (b) other faculty members that you would like to work with in the SDOS program.

Potential Research Assistants


Research assistants in the Culture Lab help with a variety of tasks and projects, and we always welcome new and eager applicants to contribute to our research. Please contact us with any questions and to learn about current research projects.


If you are interested in one or more of these areas, please email Emmy Denison (our lab manager) at with


- Your current year in school

- Your GPA

- Your CV/resume

- Information on any previous research experience you have, and what you 

  learned from those experiences

- Why you want to be a research assistant with us