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Culture Lab


Lab Director

Michele J. Gelfand

Michele Gelfand is the John H. Scully Professor in Cross Cultural Management and Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In addition, she holds a courtesy appointment at the department of Psychology at Stanford University. She received her Ph.D. in Social/ Organizational Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. 

Graduate Student

Xinyue Pan 

Xinyue is a fourth-year graduate student who works with Dr. Michele Gelfand. Her main research focus is using agent-based modeling approach to study the impact of cultural and ecological factors on social behaviors. Her research topics include threat, ethnocentrism, cooperation, gossip, norm change, etc. She is also interested in a variety of topics on cultural psychology and social neuroscience.

Graduate Student

Virginia Choi

Virginia is a third-year graduate student working with Dr. Michele Gelfand on the influence of social norms and culture on organizational processes. Her current research examines the multilevel influences and consequences of social norms on teams and organizations, primarily with respect to stigma, innovation, and counterproductive work behaviors. More generally, she is interested in the function and establishment of norms and the factors that influence norm change through social networks and leadership cues.



Ying Lin

Ying is a postdoctoral researcher working with Dr. Michele Gelfand on culture and norms at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to joining Culture Lab, Ying obtained her PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Southern California under the mentorship of Daphna Oyserman. Ying researches the often unexpected effects that culture and situations have on reasoning and judgment. 

Graduate Student


Alex Landry

Alex Landry is a graduate student studying organizational behavior at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He is currently researching the causes and consequences of dehumanization, and its troubling presence in American political life. Alex can be reached at

Pre-doctoral research fellow

Bastian - Profile.jpg

Bastian Weitz

Bastian is a pre-doctoral research fellow working with Dr. Michele Gelfand at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has received his BSc in Psychology at the University of Groningen and has experience in social identity research focusing on intergroup contexts. His interests lie broadly in the domain of social cognition, specifically in cross-cultural work and the topics of identity threat and intergroup conflict.

Graduate Student

Ziwen Chen.jpg

Ziwen Chen

Ziwen Chen is a Ph.D. student in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Using computational social science methods (e.g., NLP, online experiments, machine learning), she studies the cognitive foundation of collective construction and transmission of culture. Her current research investigates metaphors in negotiation.

The Gelfand Gang

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