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Garriy Shteynberg

I remember being a 2nd year doctoral student, on the verge of submitting my master's thesis. After Michele had given me a million suggestions, corrections, and restructuring ideas on many, many previous drafts, I thought we were done. Afterall, Michele's dad was in town, and I think it may have been his birthday and Michele was throwing a party for him (of course!). Michele emailed me to let me know that we were not done, that I should come to the party, at which she would give me further (and final) feedback. I came to the party, and with both of us standing in her lawn, she marked up the pages of my thesis, handing them to me one by one. I remember it was very windy, so each page had to be passed between us very carefully and with much intention. It was a physical manifestation of how MG approaches scholarship--with perseverance, tenacity, and seriousness, and lots of humor. The moment was as serious as it was ridiculous, and I treasure it still. Nowadays, whenever I think I have finished a paper, I give it another read with my MG hat on, and if I am not smiling by the end it's not worthwhile.

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