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Adam Galinsky

Michele is a good egg. It’s a phrase she loves to use to describe others but it fits her perfectly. She’s also an enthusiastic egg, contagiously filling others with both excitement and possibility. She’s a brilliant egg, unparalleled in the breadth of her intellectual contributions. And she’s an endearing egg, filled with distinctive and idiosyncratic tendencies. And oh yeah, she is an exhausting egg—it is impossible to keep up with her! But most importantly, she’s a kind and generous egg, always looking for ways to support others.

The first time I met Michele was in 2001 in Paris. She was already a rockstar, running the IACM conference. She was a new mom but that didn’t stop her from joining us for late night fun: she’s an exhausting egg after all! Unbeknownst to me, Michele would be presenting me with two awards the next night, for best paper and best dissertation. Although she is a sharer, she also knows how to hold onto info so that it has its due impact. And man was I surprised!

From there, Michele became a part of my life, an indispensable part of my life. I don’t remember when I realized Michele was my friend. With her, it happens almost suddenly — once she thinks you're a good egg, you are hers and all of her support just flows to you. But I know I will always be her friend and she mine.

So mazel tov Michele on moving to an exciting new carton of eggs! I hope your new mates can be half as Egg-cellent as you!

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