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Amy Stillwell

Congratulations on this great achievement! I’m so happy for you as you shift to this next phase of your career, and so grateful to have experienced your incredible mentorship. You have this amazing ability to create family in every space that you enter—by pursuing big goals, and encouraging those around to share in a grand vision for themselves. From the moment I arrived at Maryland, you made me feel welcome and appreciated even when I wasn’t feeling well, with soup and chocolate pancakes from Plato’s Diner! You opened so many doors for me by simply believing that I was capable and inviting me in—to take responsibility on projects, participate in meetings and conferences, and meet new colleagues. Your knowledge and encouragement were instrumental in my pathway to academia. You inspire me every day, as I strive to bring the same encouragement and energy to my students that you gave to me. I look forward to seeing you even more now that you’ll be based in the West Coast! Thank you for being you.
Warm hugs,

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