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Andy De Los Reyes

A few years ago, I ran into Michele in the hallway of the third floor of the building where our offices were located. I mentioned to her that I was working on a meta-analysis linked to an area of clinical research where our laboratory focuses much of our work. I mentioned the meta-analysis to Michele because a key aim of the review involved incorporating her tightness-looseness scale to examine a cross-cultural dataset of clinical assessment studies. Now, what's interesting about this story is that upon hearing this tiny amount of information, Michele immediately guessed our hypothesis. She was right on two counts, both in terms of the hypothesis, and ultimately what the meta-analysis revealed. This, to me, is Michele in a nutshell: An amazing colleague with a sharp intellect, whose ability to converse with colleagues across disparate disciplines and areas of expertise appears effortless, but only because she makes a concerted effort to know what her colleagues are up to. I am going to miss you terribly Michele, and I wish you the best in your move to Stanford.

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