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Astrid Homan & Gerben van Kleef

Dear Michele,

We’ve spent so much amazing and fun time together, but where are the pictures?! We actually found more joint papers than pictures 😉.

So, almost all pictures we have of you are in our minds (except for one for one of us; see above). But we treasure very fond memories of your stay in Amsterdam, of working together on awesome projects, and of conference visits with you around the world.

We did find some loose (post-)conference pictures of ourselves that we would love to re-enact with you soon! [Images to go in yearbook]

We wish you tons of inspiration and fun on your new adventure, and we are looking forward to sharing some of it with you when we visit. And rest assured, we’ll be sure to take photos then!

Much love and big hugs,
Gerben & Astrid

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