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Ben Schneider

My oh-so-fond reminiscences of my colleague Michele are too numerous to present in a quick note. The short story is that we met at an international psychology conference before she ever received her PhD and we have been close colleagues and friends since then. I knew when I met her she was fabulous and I was right—and her mentor, Harry Triandis, fully supported my impressions. Though she was a social psychology PhD , I figured we could get her to see the value of I/O as well and she did that, too. Her capacity to simultaneously manage a lab, astonishingly broad field research, writing amazing articles and books, and mentoring students is appropriately legendary. Michele is indeed a legend in her own times. It is just a shame that she has never been able to put a smile on her face, be spontaneous and cheerful in social situations, be insightful and creative in discussions of her and others’ work, or be able to write a sentence that others will understand—but then again, you can’t have everything.

Enjoy the new digs Michele😊.

Your colleague,

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