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Dana Nau

Looking at my appointment calendar, I was surprised to see that we've been working together for more than 10 years! Being from very different academic fields, we started out with very different ways of thinking about research. I recall that we needed a lot of time to develop a mutual understanding of what kind of research problems were interesting and significant, and how to conceptualize and solve those problems.

I'm very happy that we both were interested in taking the time to do that. First, it has enabled us and our students to do some *great* research together -- things that neither of us could have done within our own academic disciplines. Second, our work together has been some of the most fun I've had during my academic career.

I'll really miss having you as a colleague here at Maryland!


PS: Virginia asked me to provide a photo to go along with what I've written. Here's one to remind you of how I dressed when I rode my bicycle to our meetings during the winter. 😀

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