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Elizabeth Redcay

Michele – You will be soooo missed! It’s hard to imagine our department without you. You’re a “good egg” (to use a favorite expression). You’ve been a true inspiration to me in that you exemplify scientific excellence while promoting a fun and supportive culture and making direct real-world impacts from your research. Probably one of my first memories after recently joining the department was hearing about your night out in a banana suit with your lab when you published your Science paper. I found pretty much everything about that to be awesome and while I have yet to have my own Science paper I may inquire about where one gets banana suits if I do. I have always felt so much support and encouragement from you. Our junior faculty happy hours did a lot to empower us and were fun! The best is when you took a gaggle of us to the Cosmos club. You gave us the advice to “build the place you want to be”. I think of those words often and will carry on that torch. First step is to find more people like you. I’ve also loved being your neighbor. I wish I’d taken more advantage of that but have very fond memories of you hosting us for Halloween. Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague and scientific super star. I wish you all the best at Stanford and hope we can stay in touch.

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