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Emily Forgo

I distinctly remember how nervous I was for my graduate school interview at UMD. I also distinctly remember just how much of an impression Michele made on me during my interview with her that day. She radiated so much warmth and kindness and confidence that it was hard not to feel more at ease as soon as you sat down with her. She was so excited to meet me and to talk about the program. That excitement was infectious and I remember walking out of that interview feeling even more assured in my desire to go to UMD. Words like warmth, kindness, and infectious enthusiasm continued to be words I associated with her during my two years as a grad student here thus far. I could always tell when she was in her office by the excited greetings she would shout down the hall to faculty and students alike. I also greatly appreciated how she would take time out of her busy schedule to check in and see how I was settling into the program whenever she saw my office door open. Her warm, exuberant nature, as well as phenomenal research, has truly made a positive impact here on SDOS, as well as UMD as a whole, and the students and faculty of Stanford will be incredibly lucky to have her!

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