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Emmy Denison

During my time working with Michele, I have learned so much. Watching her work has shown me the power of constantly making new connections both with people and with concepts. One of the biggest challenges I faced when I started as her lab manager was keeping track of her collaborations, since it seemed like there was an endless amount of them (and I still think there might be). But as I adjusted, I was able to step back and witness the power of collaboration in action. Through her work with other scholars around the globe, she is constantly producing an overwhelming amount of innovative work in a vast variety of areas. Working with Michele has also taught me how to be constantly on the lookout for connections. Whether it's coming up with anecdotes or innovating interdisciplinary projects that bridge academic fields, Michele is a master at connecting concepts, which makes her work rich and ever-evolving. I look forward to continuing to work with Michele even after she is no longer at UMD, and I know I will carry the lessons I have learned from watching her into my own work.

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