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Janetta Lun

As I am writing this, it has been nearly a decade since the infamous "pickle costume" picture was taken. This picture brings back fun memories with MG, and I hope it would do that for her as well. I first met MG when I interviewed for the post-doc position in her lab. I can't remember the specifics of what we talked about, but I remember she was very excited about various cultural research ideas. I also thought her work was extremely interesting. Perhaps what was most memorable to me that day was that she drove me around College Park, and she brought me to her house and introduced me to her daughter, Jeanette. I recalled being in awe of how open and welcoming she was. Not long after joining her lab, I became a part of her academic family, which many of you know is signaled by her calling you the first letter of your first name ("J" for me). MG doesn't only have a big brain, but she also has a huge heart. I have learned so much from working with her, including preparing a 100-slide presentation for a MURI progress meeting. The unrelenting effort of doing the best we can to reach the pinnacle of a scientific endeavor is what reminds me of Michele. After a long day at work, I could always imagine her saying, "Let's call this a victory and have a drink."

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