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Jasmine Wheeler

My favorite memories with Michele, aside from the many research "aha!" moments I had in her office or lab spaces under her guidance, involve the moments we shared that highlight the academic and life milestones that occurred during just over the half decade our paths crossed at College Park. The moment I got the call alerting me that Michele was considering me as a graduate school, little did I know I would become one of her last students during her impressive career shaping the SDOS program and former students. Our first work lunch at Adele's, where we talked about our shared research interests as I was taking it all in during my first week on campus. The journeys to the Cosmos Club, a cultural treat in and of itself, where we often honored visiting scholars and graduating students. The many social events at her house where she demonstrated her generous hosting style where empty plates and glasses were not only frowned upon by the hostess, but actively filled. Including her lab in the defining moments of her daughter's youth at their bat mitzvahs will always be a testament to her viewing SDOS as an extension of her family, her academic family. I'm so grateful for the beautiful and joyous moments I shared with her developing impactful and meaningful research, celebrating major academic and life milestones together, as I did my best to absorb as much knowledge and savvy before graduating from the program. While the SDOS program will no longer be her home base, her legacy and connection to the SDOS family tree will remain strong. Her absence will be felt at UMD, but the academic community will still have a superstar! Best wishes from San Diego :)

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