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Jens Herberholz

Dear Michele,
We shared many memorable moments, both as colleagues and friends. Not surprisingly, when I was searching for pictures, I found plenty of our daughters spending time together at school, birthday parties, and musical performances. Aside from your family’s friendship over the years, my favorite memory is how we converted a simple crayfish study from my lab into a Master’s thesis for one of your students! I will always appreciate your genuine and broad interest in all of science, your advice and guidance, and your humor and positivity. I will miss our regular coffee hours, but since we are all used to Zoom by now, I am sure we can work something out. Maybe instead of coffee, you will be sipping wine in Napa Valley! Stanford is lucky to have you as a new member of their faculty, and it is a big loss for us. Most of all, I am super excited and happy for you and wish you all the best for the new adventure!

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