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Jordan Epistola

One of my favorite memories and things about Michele is that she goes out of her way to say hello to you and to talk to you when she sees you. Since my office is by the elevators, people frequently see me and walk by my office on their way to class and/or their offices. I always appreciated how Michele would go out of her way to say hello to me and actually talk to me about how things are going and/or what I have been up to with my own projects whenever she walked by. To see someone that successful in our field take the time to say hello to me and show interest in my work made me feel more comfortable with and proud to be a part of the program. Michele made me feel very welcome, and definitely served as a positive role model and leader to follow in the department.

Another memory would be me first hearing about Michele and Paul's infamous cigar sessions! Hearing this dispelled the stereotype for me that professors are always serious and boring... In fact, it showed me that even the most successful professors know how to have fun and celebrate! It will definitely be a huge loss that Michele is leaving, but I am very glad that I got to know her and take a class with her during my graduate studies!

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