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Josh Jackson

A photo of Michele, Harry Triandis, and me at SPSP in 2016. Three generations of scholars trying to wrap their head around culture!

It’s hard to come up with just a few favorite memories with Michele because I feel like we have so many! Some of my favorite memories have been when we’ve traveled around the world together, like our 2016 trip to Israel where Michele gave the keynote at the Israel Organizational Behavior Conference or our 2019 trip to Austria where we worked our way through a bottle of (dry) Riesling while catching up about the last year and looking ahead to the future. Other memories have been closer to home, like when Michele would make me Matzo ball soup and have me over to talk about papers, or when she would stop by my office to say hi and chat for a few minutes as she arrived at work, or when she would take the lab out to the Cosmos club to celebrate everyone’s success. It’s been about 8 years now since I first met Michele, and she gave me a money tree on my first day of work. Since then, she’s given me so much more, including a lifelong friend and mentor. I know Michele will continue to thrive at Stanford, where we can keep making memories and having fun!

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