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Karen O'Brien

Top 10 Reasons Why I Will Miss Michele Gelfand

10. Michele is an exceptional role model for how to negotiate anything!
9. She is wickedly smart.
8. Michele conducts important research that makes a powerful difference in our world.
7. She has research collaborators – and friends - all around the world.
6. Michele is my only colleague who begins her emails to me with “Hi Sweetie.”
5. She always invites students in her undergraduate classes to dinner at her home - and orders enough food for all 1300 PSYC majors.
4. Michele loves her family deeply; she chose an awesome partner, Todd, and she treasures being a mom to two wonderful daughters, Jeanette and Hannah.
3. I have wonderful memories of our early years as assistant professors having fun dinners at Addie’s with Lisa.
2. I admire that Michele is courageously pursuing her dream to work at Stanford.
1. UMD will never be the same without Michele!

I’ll miss you, Michele. Karen

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