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Katherine Klein

What a joy it was to have Michele as my colleague in my years in the Psychology Department at the University of Maryland. When I think of those years, I remember Michele’s cheery shout of “Hello, colleagues!” as she rounded the corner into the I/O Psychology wing of the department. I remember her scholarly brilliance, her focus and discipline, and her elaborate celebrations of colleagues’, students’, and loved ones’ accomplishments. No celebration was complete without decorations, certificates, banners and more. (The “more” that comes to mind, I confess, is chocolate martinis – weird and rather wonderful, too.) I recall discussing how best to measure cultural tightness-looseness and the pleasure of reading Michele’s field-changing and illuminating publications on the topic years later. And I remember Michele’s words of endearment: good egg, sweet-pea, and mother-f*. Who but Michele could use these phrases more or less interchangeably to shower praise? She is all of these things and a star scholar, colleague, mentor, and friend. Congratulations on all you have accomplished at Maryland, Michele! I know you will go on to accomplish stellar things at Stanford!

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