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Lisa Leslie

I vividly remember my last meeting with MG as a grad student at UMD. It was the day before I headed off to start my first job as an assistant professor at UMN. Since it's Michele, we were squeezing in all the research meetings we could before I left. After we wrapped up the meeting, I left her office and *immediately* burst into tears. I spent the next few minutes alone in the computer lab trying to get myself together and cover up the fact that I had been crying. I went back to Michele's office a little while later to update her on one last analysis. She immediately announced that she had been crying her eyes out since I left, and also reported that she had checked the exact number of emails we had sent to each other over the last five years (it was in the thousands). That's one of the greatest things about Michele. She cares about her students deeply...and isn't afraid to show it!

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