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Lynn Imai

When I reflect on my time with you at Maryland, the first word that comes to mind is MOM. When I first joined the program, you were a new mom to Jeanette who was still a toddler in a car seat and Hannah wasn’t born yet. This feels like yesterday to me, but can you believe this was 18 years ago?! While you were an academic mom to me and the other students, you really did come close to a real one. Thank you for feeding us often—I appreciated the random boiled egg + salt shaker offerings during our meetings and the parties with 35 White Castle burgers and 20 large pizzas!

Academically, you always had me at the edge of my comfort zone and encouraged a growth mindset. You put a lot of trust in me to do some really bold things like being a 24-year-old discussant at AOM alongside senior scholars and writing a crazy chapter integrating 9 disciplines including stuff on monkeys! I grew so much from the novel, diverse, and challenging opportunities you put in front of me and your ability to be a true boundary spanner and adventure-seeker in your intellectual pursuits.

My very best to you as you start your new chapter! You are a huge loss to Maryland and Stanford is extremely lucky to have you!

Much Love,

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