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Mo Wang

It happened in February 2010. There was a blizzard covering Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. At the time, I was by myself in Maryland and was really bored. So, I decided to go to the office and do some work. When I got there, the psychology building's door facing the parking structure was jammed by snow and I had to dig my way into it in order to open the door. However, when I got to the third floor, Michele was already there with her sunshine-style smile! She had already been there working the whole morning (after digging through the snow to enter the same door and the snow obviously re-jammed the entrance after that). So, we chatted about how hard it was to dig through the snow and discussed some research-related stuff. I have always remembered that day, thinking about how lucky I am to have a colleague who is so dedicated to her work.

Another piece of fond memory was that Michele always brought me breakfast in the morning when I was in my office. I don't remember when it started, but she just always showed up with boiled eggs, cottage cheese, and a banana for me (the credit also goes to Todd, as he is the one putting them together). The breakfast was really something super difficult to part from when I later was considering moving to Florida :)

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