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Ray Friedman


It has been amazing to see you grow from a fresh Ph.D. to a NAS member. I remember those early conversations, when you staved off the pressures to join a business school. That took some guts! It helped you be laser-focused on your research, and your Ph.D. students. Now, as you make the move to a b-school, you can do it on your own terms! Congratulations!

Thank you for being such a supportive friend and colleague over the years. As I moved over into cross-cultural studies, you shared your Ph.D. course. You served on Leigh Anne’s dissertation committee. You created the best conference I’ve ever attended – the HK mini-conference on culture. You shared your work on negotiation in the Middle East when I taught at Fort Campbell. And you pulled us together for research-generation workshop Arizona, which led to the work with Robin, Bill, and Wu on Agreement Fluidity.

Even better, we had lots of fun – at IACM conferences across the world, at your birthday party with Maurice, and most memorably with Shalom Schwartz in Hong Kong. We ventured out in search of the Jewish community, and found the Ohel Leah, with its Gurkha guards and strict separation of men and women -- then, a few blocks away, the Reformed synagogue with its mixed marriages. Talk about tight-loose! By day, we theorized about culture – by night, we were like kids in a cultural playground.

Thanks for the many memories! Best wishes on your next big adventure.


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