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Snehesh Shrestha

While our regular team meetings, random lunches, and conference events have all been fun--the Cosmos dinner is a fun tradition Michele hosts every year bringing together all the lab members and their loved ones, and it is obviously my favorite. Not only was it a time to let loose (pun intended) plus wine and dine, to me, it was also the time I realized the lab’s strong culture--one that Michele made me feel a part of...the culture group family. The threat dictionary project has been a long learning curve of ups and downs (a journey!) and I am excited that we are putting a bow on it as you close this chapter at UMD and start a new one at Stanford. I am surprised that we don't have any pictures of us together but I guess we have been busy having fun, more than taking pictures of us having fun :) --here's one of Virginia and me from the SPSP conference. My best wishes to you with many more successes as you move to the other coast!

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