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Yoshihisa Kashima

Michele, your unbound energy and enthusiasm, infectious laughter and cheeky smile – that’s you, mate. Ever since I met you in Urbana years ago when you were still a PhD student, you occupy a special place in my heart and mind. Hanging out at IACCP conferences, surprised and dismayed when you said you were going to become a treasurer at that association, and spending time together with you and your family at your place in College Park, I’ve grown so accustomed to you being there at all times. Along the way, I’ve seen your stature grow – your work on individualism and collectivism with Harry, amazing stuff on cross-cultural organizational psychology, culture and negotiations, cultural tightness of course, and most recently in cultural evolution, spanning not just psychology, but neuroscience and agent-based modelling. What a phenomenon! Now, the centre of gravity is shifting to the West – from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The pond separates California and Australia, but the world is now a small place. Let’s see where this move is going to take you, Michele. Behold this person!

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