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Valentino Emil Chai

Valentino is a PhD student studying organizational behavior at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. He harbors an interest in intergroup cooperation and conflict, as well as competition (both intergroup and interpersonal). Additionally, he has recently started exploring research on power, status, and hierarchies. His interests outside of research include floorball, reading, and strategy games.

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Xinyue Pan

Xinyue is an Assistant Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong who works with Dr. Michele Gelfand. Her main research focus is using agent-based modeling approach to study the impact of cultural and ecological factors on social behaviors. Her research topics include threat, ethnocentrism, cooperation, gossip, norm change, etc. She is also interested in a variety of topics on cultural psychology and social neuroscience.

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Piotr Prokopowicz

Piotr is an Assistant Professor at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, specializing in organizational culture, leadership, innovation, and evidence-based management. He holds a PhD in sociology and a double MA in psychology and sociology. He’s a co-founder at Freenovation, speaker, author, and talent management consultant. As a researcher, he’s exploring the links between cultural tightness-looseness, leadership, creativity, and innovation.

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Bastian Weitz

Bastian is an MA student working with Dr. Michele Gelfand at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has received his BSc in Psychology at the University of Groningen and has experience in social identity research focusing on intergroup contexts. His interests lie broadly in the domain of social cognition, specifically in cross-cultural work and the topics of identity threat and intergroup conflict.

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Sherry Wu

Sherry is an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations & Behavioral Decision Making at UCLA Anderson School of Management. She received her PhD in Psychology from Princeton University in 2019. Sherry’s research is concerned with: 1) group and cultural influence over long-lasting behavioral changes, and 2) decision processes under resource disparity and social inequality. Sherry does large-scale field experiments in different cultural contexts to investigate questions on group dynamics, norms, and behavioral change.

The Gelfand Gang

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