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Culture Lab


Dylan Pieper (2021)

Data Analyst at University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Emmy Denison (2021)

Former Lab Manager. Currently doing a second bachelors in Computer Science

Ren Li (2019)

Assistant professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University starting Fall 2021. 

Yan Mu (2019)

Former post-doc. Currently a Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Jasmine Wheeler (2019)

Researcher at the Fors Marsh Group.

Jesse Harrington (2017)

Senior Researcher at Fors Marsh Group.

Brandon Crosby (2017)

Mixed Methods UX Researcher at Facebook.

Janetta Lun (2014)

Former Post-doc. Social and Behavioral Scientist Administrator at The National Institutes of Health.

Sarah Lyons-Padilla (2014)

UX Researcher at Facebook.

Tiane Lee (2014)

UX Research Lead and Manager at Google.

Laura Severance (2012)

Director, Military Health & Wellbeing Research at Fors Marsh Group.

Ashley Fulmer (2011)

Assistant Professor of Managerial Sciences at Georgia State University.

Ryan Fehr (2011)

Associate Professor of Management at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.

Lynn Imai (2010)

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at Ivey Business School (part-time).

Garriy Shtyenberg (2009)

Associate Professor at University of Tennessee, Department of Psychology.

Kristen Keller (2009)

Senior Behavioral Scientist; Associate Director, Manpower, Personnel, and Training Program, RAND Project AIR FORCE.

Anu Ramesh (2008)

Measurement and Insights Lead at Google.

Lisa Leslie (2007)

Professor of Management and Organizations at New York University, Stern School of Business.

Jana Raver (2004)

E. Marie Shantz Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Queens School of Business.

Lisa Nishii (2003)

Associate Professor and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Cornell University.

The Gelfand Gang

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